A New Front Row Episode With Kevin Clement of Chiller Theatre Is Now Streaming On The Screamzine Roku Channel

The Front Row was a B-movie talk show produced by Paul Scrabo(Dr. Horror’s Erotic House of Idiots) and hosted by Rich Scrivani. This episode is Part 1 of an interview with Kevin Clement of Chiller Theatre.

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Trailer Tuesday!

Dead End (2003)

Trailer Tuesday!

Two Front Teeth (2006)

Trailer Tuesday!

Feeders 2: Slay Bells (1998)

Movie Poster Monday!

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)


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Trailer Tuesday!

Dead of Winter (1987)

Trailer Tuesday!

The Corridor (2011)

Trailer Tuesday!

Blood Glacier (The Station) (2013)

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El día de la bestia aka Day of the Beast (1995)






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SRS Cinema is excited to bring the German gorefest, “Cannibal Messiah”, to American fans in limited edition form this holiday season.  Aka “Der König der Kannibalen”, the feature will be released on limited edition Bluray, DVD & VHS, with copies expected to ship in late Dec. In addition, T-Shirts featuring the amazing artwork will be offered up till 12/1.

“Cannibal Messiah” follows the journey of documentary film makers, Crippler Cris and Master W of P.S.Y.C.H.O Productions and The Pathfinder, a man with a revenge mission against a cannibal cult in the woods of Germany. After torturing a woodland hermit for information on the cult, the three travel deep into the woods. Things go wrong quickly as Master W turns against his companions and ends up amongst the cannibals. Will Master W and Crippler Criss eventually make it out of those woods? Will the Pathfinder get his revenge? And what is the deal with the mysterious videotapes that a mystery figure keeps delivering to them, tapes that give them horrible insights into their own futures? You’ll have to watch to find out… but bring a raincoat, as blood, guts and gore will fly like you’ve never witnessed before!”  The movie is in German with English subtitles.

Once available, you can get the physical media @ http://srscinema.com/srsstore.  The VHS run is limited to 30 units, the DVD to just 50, and the Bluray to 100.  Blurays and DVDs are professionally run BD-R’s and DVD-R’s with silk screen labels by discmakers.com.  Sales for the T-Shirts are live now and end 12/1, while the limited edition physical media goes LIVE this Friday 11/26/16 at 7pm EST.

And for fans of VOD, you can catch it on Vimeo when it goes Live on Thurs, 12/22/16@ 6pm EST @ https://vimeo.com/189798261

Meantime, check out the trailer and prepare yourself for the gore-filled fun @ https://youtu.be/YMWLqTyqNSA.

The Screamzine Guide To Thanksgiving Horror!

Here’s the list we compiled of Thanksgiving themed horror! This year we are taking it out of the freezer and warming it up for you again. Click the link below to the post.

The Screamzine Guide To Thanksgiving Horror!

Trailer Tuesday!

Death on Demand (2008)

Trailer Tuesday!

Thankskilling (2009)

Trailer Tuesday!

Home Sweet Home (1981)

Movie Poster Monday!

Blood Rage (1987)


Movie Review – Creature from Black Lake (1976)

creature-from-black-lakeThis movie is about two college students, Pahoo and Rives, from the big city of Chicago head down to Louisiana to investigate some Sasquatch sightings.  Along the way they hear stories about various encounters with the creature (as the locals refer to it).  That is when the locals are friendly enough to actually talk to them about their experiences.  The local sheriff just wants them out of town so they quit stirring up trouble.  Of course they don’t leave town and keep pursuing the creature.  But will they like what they find when they do finally come face to face with the Creature from Black Lake?

This is a surprisingly good movie.  The main characters of Pahoo and Rives are fun to watch and have a great chemistry going between them.  Much of the movie is just the two of them researching and interviewing people, which could have made for a boring movie.  The fact they are so likeable and play so well off of each other makes the movie work.  This of course is partly due to the well-written script and the good job by the actors that portrayed the character, Dennis creature-from-black-lake-2Fimple (House of a 1,000 Corpses) and John David Carson.  Now there is no shortage of Bigfoot/Sasquatch in the movie, though it remains mostly in the shadows.   But what drives this movie and makes for a good time are the characters.  Speaking of characters the one other cast member that I needed to mention is Jack Elam.  I guarantee you if you like westerns you will know who I’m speaking about.   He does an excellent job in the role of the drunken trapper Joe Canton, one of the few people willing to talk about the creature.  This is similar to most of the other characters that Elam played at this stage in his career, but he had it down and does a good job.

jack-elamWhile the creature is around a lot you never really get to see it on screen clearly.  I imagine this was done to protect what probably was a weak costume.  But it is done with such skill by the director that the creature’s lack of screen time isn’t noticeable at all.  The movie also does a great job of building tension and being kind of scary.  That is pretty damn impressive for what could have been a cookie cutter drive-in Bigfoot movie.  The one thing that did bug me was some odd camera mechanical like camera work.  I think they had some sort of machine moving the camera back and forth for close-ups in several of the scenes.  This looks really odd and is kind of shabby filmmaking, which given how well the rest of the movie is put together was sort of odd.

Is Creature from Black Lake a classic movie?  No not really, but for a lower budget drive-in flick about a Bigfoot you can do much worse.  I doubt that the Creature from Black Lake will hold much interest for anyone that isn’t a fan of Bigfoot or drive-in movies.  But if you aren’t a Bigfoot aficionado then I don’t care what you think!

The Front Row Show featuring Zacherley part 2 is now on The Screamzine Roku Channel

Part 2 of the Zacherley interview with Rich Scrivani is now on our Roku channel.

The Front Row was a B-movie talk show produced by Paul Scrabo(Dr. Horror’s Erotic House of Idiots) and hosted by Rich Scrivani.  Paul was nice enough to let us air a n episode featuring the Cool Ghoul Zacherley for a limited time in honor of his passing.  Talks are happening to add more great episodes episodes, so stay tuned..or streamed..or whatever!


Building on the tremendous success of this year’s event, Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival is calling for submissions for its 2017 season, which will again run 10 days: Friday, November 3rd – Thursday, November 9th at the Dipson Theaters Eastern Hills Cinema, and Friday, November 10th – Sunday, November 12th at the Screening Room Cinema Cafe. In 2016, Buffalo Dreams received a record 350 submissions: 310 films and 40 Original Screenplays, and screened a record 107 films, 34% of those submitted. Thirty filmmakers traveled to Western New York to represent their work on a big screen, another record. In addition, film lovers from Syracuse, Erie, Pa, and Ontario, Canada attended screenings.

“The passion and participation of attending filmmakers makes our festival a true celebration of independent film and film artists,” says Buffalo Dreams co-founder Chris Scioli. “Every year, out of town filmmakers travel to Buffalo, stay in hotels here, sample Western New York dishes at local restaurants, and conduct fascinating Q&A sessions with our appreciative audience. Filmmakers from as far away as Australia, Mexico and the UK have screened their work here in person. This festival is turning Buffalo into a destination spot for filmmakers around the world.”

Buffalo Dreams is seeking films in the following categories: Action, Animation, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction and Thriller. The festival separates content into three divisions: North American (U.S. and Canada), International, and Western New York.

In 2016, the annual event successfully incorporated the Buffalo Dreams Family Film Festival and launched its Young Student Filmmaker Award. For its 2017 edition, Buffalo Dreams introduces the Lois Weber Award, named after the first female filmmaker in the U.S. Weber directed 135 films, wrote 114, and acted in 100. She was the first female filmmaker to own a production studio in this country, and is credited with creating the split screen technique and shooting directing the first sound film. The Lois Weber Award is designed to spotlight contemporary women in film.

Noted horror, humor and Young Adult author Jeff Strand has been named the guest judge of the next Original Screenplay Competition. A selection committee will nominate five finalists in the competition, and Strand will select First, Second and Third Place winners. He will also provide script notes to each of the five finalists. Strand is a four-time Bram Stoker Award-nominated author over 30 books, including Pressure, Dweller, and I Have a Bad Feeling About This. Publishers Weekly has called his work “wickedly funny” and Cemetery Dance wrote, “No author working today comes close to Jeff Strand’s perfect mixture of comedy and terror.”

Also in 2016, Final Draft sponsored Buffalo Dreams by donating six screenwritng software programs, which the festival awarded to young filmmakers Talia Cohen-Vigder (Holiday of Holidays), Sly Sundown (Sleepover), Elsie Logan (Choices Determine Your Life), Marc Norowyta (Circuit Sizzle) and Kellen Pembleton (Condemned with You All), as well as the C. Dee Wright Community Center in Akron, New York, which has a program designed to introduce youngsters to basic filmmaking techniques.

Submissions can currently be made through FilmFreeway.com.

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival – www.buffalodreamsfilmfest.com

Movie Review – The Mysterious Monsters (1976)

mysterious_monsters_poster_01Well my post October movie hangover has passed. Time to dig into another excellent bit of cinematic fun that you can watch for free on the internet. This time I take a look at a “documentary” from one of the most prolific indy studios not run by Roger Corman.

This is one of those Sunn Classic Pictures documentaries from the 70s that takes a look at the mysteries of the Earth.  This time around our host is Peter Graves of Mission Impossible fame who narrates our journey thru the unknown.  The documentary uses reenactments, interviews, and supposed footage of the creatures to examine the history of the sightings.  I remember the fact that this documentary contains the famous Patterson film was a big deal.  In the cast of Bigfoot the documentary also takes a look at Native American legends regarding Sasquatch.

peter-gravesI grew up watching these “documentaries” and I’ve always loved them.  This is my favorite of all the Sunn Classic Pictures (later known as Schick Sunn) movies that they put out.  In fact one of my earliest memories as a youngster was being so freaked out by the reenactment of the arm reaching thru the window that I was afraid of looking out the window in the dark for months!  When I started to collect movies on VHS I looked for the movie that contained that very scene for years before finally stumbling onto The Mysterious Monsters.  Now of course the movie doesn’t have the same impact on me as much now as it did when I was 7, but I still really enjoy it.  I suppose it could be the nostalgia factor of watching an old favorite from my childhood.  But then several of the other documentaries that I watched in the 70s didn’t hold up as well as this one did, so I think not.  The movie is paced nicely with the interviews split up with some “exciting” and fun to watch reenactments of various Nessie and Bigfoot sightings.  I also had forgotten how great Peter Graves, who had a perfect voice for this sort of thing, did in narrating the movie.


Can I talk to you about your gas bill?

Now I’ll admit that the documentary is very cheesy and silly.  Many of the “facts” that are brought forward have since been disproved or called into serious question, including the famous Patterson film.  But honestly these were always more just for entertainment then education.  Even when I was young I always just thought of The Mysterious Monsters as fiction and never once really thought there was a Bigfoot lurking outside my window.  Well okay maybe for a few months I thought there might be one outside my window, but just for a few months.

So if you are a child of the 70s and 80s like myself then I bet you might have the same nostalgic fun that I had with this one.  That is if you can track it down.  I’ve heard that it is available on what appears to me to be bootleg DVDs, which are just rips off of the old VHS copies that have been floating around for a long time.  But why spend money when you can just watch it on the web for free? Check it out and let me know what you think.