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The Brood (1979)

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The Children (1980)

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Devil Times Five (1974)

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¿Quièn puede matar a un niño? (1976) aka Island of the Damned aka Who Can Kill A Child


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Movie Review – Amphibious Creature of the Deep (2010)


Up from the Depths week ends with me being a bit embarrassed.  See I’m a big fan of Brian Yuzna and never miss a movie that he directs.  Or I thought I never did.  Somehow was totally oblivious to this one.  I hadn’t heard of Amphibious Creature of the Deep under this title or it’s original Amphibious 3D which was a cash in on Piranha 3D.  For this review I didn’t watch it in 3D. Amphibious poster

This movie is set on a fishing platform in the middle of the sea.  There a group of boys have been sold and forced to work for the violent men who run the business.  A scientist and her chartered boat have a run in with them and later watch as a creature from the sea climbs up and starts to kill everyone.  It seems that one of the boys is actually a girl and after the men running the platform kill her brother she uses her magic to summon the monster.  Who lives and who dies?  What is the price for the girl’s magic?  These are all things that I’m not going to spoil here.

Really I was very impressed with this movie.  It is a bit rough around the edges.  Some of the acting is bad and there are some logical loopholes that are annoying.  I mean the rig is made of wood and is in the middle of the ocean.  What did they anchor to?  Also if the creature can smash Amphibious creaturethru the floors anytime it wants then how are the safe behind a thin wooden door?  Then again this is a creature feature and I’m willing to cut them some slack if they deliver the good stuff.  What is the good stuff you might ask?

First thing is a decent looking creature, which is a must.  The keep the creature out of sight for the first part of the flick with just a tentacle glimpsed here and there.  This builds some suspense for the big reveal.  When we see the creature it is basically a sea scorpion.  I have to say that I really dug how it looked.  Plus the stinger spraying acid and a couple melting bodies were well-done and practical effects.  In this day and age of CGI that was nice to see.  The creature is mostly CGI, but they still do the rubber pieces when it breaks thru a wall or floor.  Now that was a nice throwback to the good old days of the creature movies.

The second thing that I look for is a good story.  Here it is very simple

amphibious mp

This is what happens when people disturb Eddie when he is just “cruising” around in his boat… Get it? I made a funny.

with the creature being summoned on an isolated group of people for some revenge.  This works really well.  The fact they are trapped and that the creature can get them at anytime helps the build up until the end.  And while some of the performances were rough I still liked that characters and was totally sucked into the plot.  There is a fun bit at the end that could have been too much, but the way they handle it was perfect.

Obviously I’m going to recommend Amphibious Creature of the Deep.



Movie Review – Up from the Depths (1979)


I know you have been asking yourself, “What is the theme for this week at Screamzine?”.  Well this week we take a look at Deep Sea Terrors!  To get the reviews kicked off I check out Up from the Depths.Up from the Depths

An earthquake off the coast of Hawaii forces some deep-sea creatures to shallow water.  One of those is a giant fish that quickly acquires a taste for human beings.  This fact eventually comes to the attention of a local fisherman and part time conman named Greg.  With the help of his girl, who works at a nearby resort that is trying to cover the whole thing up (bad for business you know), they do battle with the monster fish.

Yeah so it should be pretty obvious that this was one of the many Jaws rip-offs that hit the drive-in circuit in the years following that movie.  I’ve seen many of these and this has to be one of the worst of the bunch.  You have a story that is terribly uneven and at times downright boring.  It spends far too much time focusing on the uninteresting characters and gives us very little killer fish.  It is really hard to follow what is going on with the characters, mainly because the narrative jumps around so much and there are too many to follow.  The movie would have been better served to focus on one story line and flesh it out.  Instead we have a mess that is difficult to follow and several stories that make no sense.  Toss in the fact that most of the time no one really seems upset that anyone it dying and you that is frustrating to try and figure out. uftd 1

Up from the Depths is also one of those movies that has an abrupt change in tone.  It starts off pretty seriously with a character being killed (off screen and we aren’t sure of this until far later…) and the traumatic impact it has on one of her friends.  We also get to see a couple of conmen plying their trade and scamming the tourists.  Then without warning it changes into a comedy.  You have characters making funny comments, and a Japanese man running around with a Samurai sword.  At this point I was wondering what the hell happened.

uftd2The only reason that I can think of for the sudden change is that maybe someone was watching the dailies and realized after seeing the “monster” that they needed to make this a comedy.  The creature is nothing more then a couple of quick shots of a rubber fish, some bits with double fins poking above the water, and well that is pretty much it.  The attacks consist of the actor flailing around and someone tossing red food coloring in the water.  I don’t mind cheesy creatures in these kinds of movies, but there isn’t really a creature in this one!

So there you have it, a monster movie without the monster.  I don’t recommend that anyone waste there time on this one.  If you wish to soldier on even after reading my review then I’ll let you know that this can be found on net for free.  That is about what it is worth…

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Devil Fish aka devouring Waves (1984)

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Blood Tide (1982)

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The Last Shark (1982)

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Monster from the Ocean Floor (1954)

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Orca (1977)


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Movie Review – The Wasp Woman (1959)

Creepy old people week wraps up here at Screamzine with my review of the Wasp Woman.  I Wasp Woman postermentioned The Wasp Woman in my review of the Leech Woman and in doing so inspired myself to revisit it.  Time to dig into another ’50s bug movie!

Janice Starlin is an aging “Glamour Girl” (50s speak for supermodel) who owns and runs a cosmetics company that is suffering from declining sales because of her declining appearance.  All of her problems appear to be solved when a scientist named Zinthrop shows up with a miracle cure for aging.  A drug that the good doctor has developed from the royal jelly of the queen wasp that appears to reverse the aging process.  Janice agrees to fund his research if he agrees to use her as his first human test subject.  But when the process isn’t quick enough for her Janice sneaks into the lab and uses a more powerful form of the drug to speed things up, with dire results.  Instead of becoming young and beautiful she ends up turning herself into the monstrous Wasp Woman and starts killing anyone that has the misfortune of getting in her way!

Wasp Woman old

Well she doesn’t look that old…

This is yet another low budget effort from Director/Producer Roger Corman.  As is the case with most of his other films it was shot on an extremely low budget and under time constraints.  The story moves along briskly and never gets boring.  For the most part the movie is a straightforward creature feature.  The one unique thing about this film is that the lead character and monster is a woman.  Other than that the movie plays out just as you would expect it to.  I do wish that they had introduced the creature earlier on, but that is a minor complaint.  The cast is decent, but honestly not asked to do much.  Being a Corman directed film the Wasp Woman was clearly made under the “assembly” line atmosphere of most of his films.  Hit your marks, deliver your lines and move on to the next scene.  I won’t say the performances suffered, but they certainly didn’t flourish under this sort of schedule.

Wasp Woman 1

This is an improvement?

The Wasp Woman makeup is pretty cool looking, and clearly inspired by 1958’s the Fly.  While not anywhere near as convincing or creepy as that film it still gets the job done.  Other than that the rest of the production is awfully cheap.  As a fan of Corman films I instantly recognized the musical cues as those he used over and over again in his early films.  Also most of the sets have a flimsy look to them and were clearly put together from whatever they happened to have on hand.  The best example of this is the door that everyone locks and unlocks that clearly doesn’t have a lock.

I dig old “B” movies and no one did them better, well at least cheaper than Roger Corman.  Honestly the Wasp Woman isn’t the greatest of films and isn’t even Corman’s best horror movie.  But it won’t cost you much to get and can be fun to watch.


Horror Movie Newspaper Ads

Meat is On The Menu in “Urban Cannibal Massacre” and Werewolves Hunt in “Blood Redd” On Home Video This August

TomCat Releasing today announced street dates for the white meat gut-munching shocker Urban Cannibal Massacre and the serial killer meets werewolf horror tale Blood Redd, both coming to DVD and VOD in August.

Coming to DVD on August 16, 2016, Urban Cannibal Massacre follows the prestigious Jones family, a cannibal clan that has survived by feeding on the local homeless population. When the family and friends of a former victim stumble onto the Jones’ terrible secret, the family’s survival and way of life is put into jeopardy.

From the film’s inception, producer/director Maurice Thomas sought to buck genre stereotypes. “You know the cliché in horror movies that the black guy always dies first?” Thomas asks, “We wanted to change the roles… we came up with African-American cannibals.” Starring Emmy-Award winner Kyle Carthens (Criminal Activities, The Bronze), Kenny Santiago Marrero (My Blind Brother, “Chicago P.D.”), Lavail Duncan, and Essence Montgomery.

To pre-order go to

Coming to DVD on August 30, 2016, Blood Redd finds teenager Lauren Redd forced to spend the night at her grandmother’s house on the eve of the full moon. As night falls she becomes locked in a fight for survival against a demented killer. They will soon learn that the night of a full moon is a night when a killer’s evil is no match for a beast’s appetite. A night that belongs to a werewolf.

This acclaimed spin on the werewolf film from writer/director Brad Palmer won “Audience Favorite” at the Shockerfest International Film Festival and features a standout performance from newcomer Stephanie Hullar as well as Torey Widener and Julie Marie Hassett (Joy).

To pre-order go to

2 Weeks Left For Bandit Motion Pictures’ Plank Face Pre-Order


There’s only a short time left to pre-order the Limited DVD of Bandit Motion Pictures’ newest movie Plank Face.  The run is limited to 1000 copies.

Plank Face, a dark and disturbing movie about a man who is captured by a wild wood-dwelling family who wants to make him one of their own — whether he likes it or not!

Bandit Motion Pictures is an independent film development, production, and distribution company founded by Scott Schirmer(Found) and Brian K. Williams(Time To Kill), the duo behind the fantastic Harvest Lake(which we still need to review).

You can pre-order Plank Face here:


PLANK FACE Trailer from Bandit Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

Movie Review – The Leech Woman (1960)


Welcome to creepy old people week here at Screamzine.  I thought I dig into an older movie from Leech Woman Posterthe ’50s to start this week’s reviews off.  When I thought of creepy old people I immediately thought about a movie I saw when I was younger called The Leech Woman.  Time to see if it is any good.

An elderly woman that wants to return to her people in Africa approaches a scientist named Paul Talbot looking to reverse the aging process.  She claims to be 150 years old and offers him the secret to her long life in return for the money to return home.  Talbot follows the woman to Africa with his older wife, June, and finds the tribe.  But only June returns with the secret and it’s deadly requirements.  Her youth is fleeting and each dose requires her to kill!  How long can she continue before being caught?

Leech WomanThe answer is not long.  The Leech Woman isn’t what I had expected.  Normally when I’m watching a movie like this we get right to the creature quickly.  But it is more then 30 minutes into the movies 75 minute run time before they are even near the tribe with the secret.  And it is only the last 15 or so minutes of The Leech Woman that June is getting her murderous rampage on.  The rest of the movie is stock footage of animals and tribes dancing around, which is to say it is mostly just filler.  Even when we see the characters interacting it just isn’t that interesting.  Plus the characters don’t make any sense at all.  I can see June sacrificing the first person she does for her youth, but without any character development at all she goes from sympathetic to bloodthirsty.  I’m not opposed to this, but I would like it to make some sense.  See I expect a story in even the cheesiest of creature feature.

And while I’m on the subject of creature feature for a movie called the Leech Woman I was really Leech Woman 2disappointed.  I mean the monster here is an old woman.  Well actually it is a young woman in some latex that is trying to make her old.  But the point is I’m supposed to be scared of an elderly woman that looks like someone’s grandmother?  Plus we are supposed to believe that she is able to overpower her victims as well?  It just didn’t work for me.  In fact between the creature (the old woman) and the story the whole movie has the feel of a flick that was tossed together quickly to fill a need.

And that is exactly what the Leech Woman was.  A movie tossed together to fill the bottom half of a double feature.  The sad thing is with just a little more effort this could have been as much fun as something like the Wasp Woman (a movie with similar themes and budget). Unfortunately this movie breaks my one cardinal rule of the goofy genre outing, it is really boring.  As it is The Leech Woman is only for those hardcore fans of ‘50s sci-fi and horror, and even those fans will watch it once and forget about it. For everyone else I can’t really recommend it.


Flesh of My Flesh Official trailer

Here’s the first official trailer for Emir Skalonja’s latest project, Flesh of My Flesh.

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Psycho II (1983)

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Rabid Grannies (1988)

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Grandma’s House (1988)