Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival Official Selections

Features Filmed in Western New York

Two For One (Drama, Special Advance Screenings)

Shortwave (Science Fiction, Western New York Premiere)

Game Changers (Drama)

Attack of the Killer Shrews (Comedy, Film Festival Premiere, hosted by Lloyd Kaufman)

House on Ghost Hill Road (Horror, Film Festival Premiere)

The Outlaw 666: the Beast (World Premiere)

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera (Animated)

Comedy Features

Massacre on Aisle 12 (Horror Comedy, World Premiere)

Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time (Sci-Fi Comedy, New York Premiere)

Midnight Delight (Comedy)

Faux Paws (Comedy, Western New York Premiere)

They Want Dick Dickster (Comedy directed by Chris Ray, New York Premiere)

Horror Features

Street Trash 30th Anniversary Screening hosted by Roy Frumkes

Tonight She Comes (World Premiere)

Dances with Werewolves (World Premiere)

Let Her Out (New York Premiere)

Bed of the Dead (New York Premiere)

Blood of the Tribades (New York Premiere)

Shortwave (Science Fiction, New York Premiere)

The Dark Tapes

Secret Santa (New York Premiere)


Thriller Features

Dead Bullet (New York Premiere)

Reunion (World Premiere)

All the Wrong Friends (New York Premiere)

Science Fiction Features

The Tomorrow Paradox (World Premiere)

Diverge (Western New York Premiere)

Documentary Features

Finish Line: The Rise and Demise of Off Track Betting (Western New York Premiere)

6 Guys, 6,000 Miles (Film Festival Premiere)

Burt’s Bikers (World Premiere of restored and re-edited version of Roy Frumkes’s 1969 NBC docudrama about developmentally challenged children)

International Films

The Night of the Virgin (La Noche del Virgen, Horror, Spain, New York Premiere)

The Forest (Thailand, Supernatural Drama, New York Premiere)

Seizure (UK, Horror, World Premiere)

Short Features

Squatters (Western New York, Horror)

Together We Stand: A Story About the 1958 University of Buffalo Football Team (Western New York, Documentary)

Sienna’s Choice (Drama)

Condemned With You All (Western New York, Horror)

Western New York Short Films

The Undersanta (Pasqualotto, 8 mins)

16 Days – Local Submarine short (15 mins)

That’s My Baby (student w/Bill Brown) 9

Ranae (12 mins)

Pastime – 24 mins

Rose Colored – 14 mins

Beyond the Sea – 20 min

Let the Wrong One In – 18 mins


Bug Love

Mindflip (web series)

Shamblin’s Shack

Edge – local (12 mins)

Circuit Sizzle – Local Animation 3 mins

Bug Love (7 mins)

North American Short Films

The Backpage 30 mins

Glimpse 10 mins

The Outage – 20 mins

Pluto – 8 mins

Caucemar Capitonne 9 mins

Burnt Popcorn – 9 mins

Inferno – 13 mins

Alchemy – 14 mins

Little Dougie (15 mins)


The Box

Another Day with You (web series)

Faux Show (web series)

RIP Missy Palmer (web series)

The Smiling Man – 7 mins

Goblin Queen – 12 mins

A Night at the Movies – 16 mins

Kookie – 9 mins

Infirmity – 14 mins

The Fisherman’s Wife – 10 mins

Burnt Popcorn – 9 mins

Sparks (8 mins)

Duffy’s Jacket (10 mins)

Sudden Reality (17 mins)

Do You See What I See? 14 mins

Reality Check (19 mins)

A Western (15 mins)

Shoot in Any Direction and You’ll Hit a Bastard

Time Chicken – Animation

O Christmas Tree

International Short Films

Wolves – Spain – 12:00

Creatures of Whitechapel UK (25 mins)

The Frozen Eye – Belgium – 29 mins

Pyramids Hostel France – 19 min

Made in Misojen (Norway, web series)

Playback (UK, 4 mins)

Dogged (UK, 4 mins)

Barrio Dos: Pintados (Philippines, 4 mins)

Avant (France, 13 mins)

Laserpope (Germany)

The Porter Brothers (France) 33 min

Bloodhunters – 15 mins (Philippines)

Crying WolfUK – 19 mins

Time Chicken – Czech Republic

Yo So Pedro – France

Sputnik (Spain, Children’s, 23 mins)

Music Videos

Mayur (Singapore, animated music video)

The Last Hate Song (music video) – 4

Lilac Corona (music video)

Sidereal Hearts (music video)

Young Student Films (filmmakers under 17)

Holiday of Holidays (USA)

Sleepover (Western New York)

Choices Determine Your Life (Western New York)

A Friend Indeed (Canada)

Original Screenplays

“Escape From Sean Astin vs GatorCroc” 
As a low-budget monster movie plays in an endless loop, the film’s characters gradually become self-aware, working together to escape both the titular monster & the film’s terrible production values.


“Hunger Pangs” by Nathan Ludwig
Logline: An FBI agent with supernatural abilities relentlessly hunts down a pair of serial killer cannibal brothers obsessed with unlocking the secrets of the Wendigo legend.


” Love Potion # 666″ by Nathan Ludwig & Chad Farmer 
Logline: A mother and daughter engage in a bitter feud using sex, men, drugs, magic and death to even the odds with each increasingly bloody, backstabbing double cross.


“The Red Triangle” by Tim Auld
A disgraced warrior is obsessed with reclaiming his honour after he is reduced to being a butler for a princess betrothed to his cruel rival.


“Redcap Towing” by Ryan LaPlante
Katherine “Kat” DeLisle is the sheriff of a small town that’s living in fear. A serial killer is stalking the highways and her mentor, a disgruntled alcoholic driven off the force after a breakdown, approaches Kat to tell her the killer is supernatural.
As the pressure to stop the killings mounts, Kat’s neighbor becomes a victim and her 9-year-old daughter is thrust into Kat’s care. Kat needs to find a way to stop these murders, while simultaneously caring for a little girl and battling her own demons.
Everyone knows… the killer is one flat tire away.


“Stoners Vs. Vampires” by Stuart Creque
When two stoners discover that a nest of vampires has taken over the local marijuana trade, they realize it’s up to them to save the weed – and the world.


“The Sword and the Serpent” by Mark Gunnion
A young woman and her little brother barely escape the slaughter when their Medieval Scottish fishing village is raided by Vikings – but then must risk their lives to help summon the village’s ancient, reptilian guardian from its exile, at the far end of Loch Ness.


“The Voyage of Genesis 2” David Thorndill
After a thousand years of cryo-suspension the first interstellar astronauts crash onto planet Omega where the crew are captured by six-toed, stone-age humanoids ruled by an ebony Priestess. John Hurley battles with Omegans and a traitor from his crew only to discover within a sacred pyramid the surprising origin of the Omegans


“Wolf Dreams” by Tyler Peck
In order to protect his ailing mother from his estranged and land-hungry father, a troubled young artist will form a bond with a mysterious creature in rural Wyoming that will change his life in ways he never thought possible.


Here’s something I did a number of years ago in association with an old blog I used to do. I’ve been thinking about bringing it back in some form or another. Think of it as a kick off for your weekend!

Movie Review – The Alien Factor (1978)


The October viewing party continues with another favorite of mine. This time we dig into a creature feature made for the regional drive-in market by a filmmaker that is very underrated. Check it and my review out to see if you think I’m full of crap or right on the mark!

This drive-in flicks tells the story of a small town in Maryland.  It opens with a couple of kids necking in the woods.  Something sneaks up on them and kills the boy.  Soon after other people from the town start showing up dead.  About that time a scientist named Ben from a local observatory starts poking around looking for an asteroid that crashed nearby.  After investigating they discover that a spaceship crashed nearby and that the dangerous aliens aboard are now attacking the locals.  It is up to Ben and his scientific knowledge to kill 3 different aliens with no apparent weakness.  You might be asking yourself how this is possible?

Well it is possible because this is a cheesy low budget drive-in movie.  You know I do enjoy these cheap regional movies made by aspiring filmmakers and the man responsible for this one, Don Dohler, was one of the best.  Sure the story is filled with plot holes, the dialogue is terrible, and the acting is so bad that the badly written dialogue is hardly noticeable.  But there is also a heck of a lot of fun to be had here.  The Alien Factor is a very ambitious creature feature with various monsters running about in the woods.  The story moves along quickly and Dohler the director never allows it to get bogged down for very long.  After seeing this one and a couple of his other movies the man clearly knew how to keep things from getting slow or boring.  Though this also has the effect of creating some plot holes and underdeveloped characters.  Then again better to have some narrative issues then to be bored.

af-stop-motionTo me one of the best parts of the movie and what keeps my inner drive-in nerd coming back to The Alien Factor are the creatures.  There are 5 aliens in this bad boy.  Yeah in spite of being on a shoestring budget they managed to design and create 5 different aliens.  They range from a guy in a mask (wearing a jogging suit no less!) to a stop motion creature that harkens back to the ‘50s.  In between we get a bug monster and a furry Sasquatch looking critter that is obviously a guy on stilts.  The inventiveness and fun “factor” for lack of a better word more then make up for any technical issues the effects might have.  Oh and there is a really good use of force perspective to create the illusion of a large spacecraft that shows Dohler had af-stilt-monstersome real skills.

I don’t have much more to say.  The Alien Factor is a goofy regional movie that was made to entertain a bunch of kids sitting in a drive-in theater.  And in spite of the issues that can be made with the plot and acting I’ve always liked it.  There is a spirit and earnestness that comes right across the screen with this one that is hard to not enjoy.  Then again I’m a sucker for these kinds of movies.


Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival has announced an ambitious slate of 105 films for its fourth year, which runs Friday, November 4th – Thursday November 10th at the Eastern Hills Cinema in Williamsville, New York, and Nov. 11th – 13th at the Screening Room Cinema Cafe in Amherst. The festival received 350 submissions. Highlights include Special Advance Screenings of the post 9/11 family drama Two for One, a 30th anniversary screening of the cult horror film Street Trash hosted by screenwriter and producer Roy Frumkes, the incorporation of Buffalo Dreams Family Film Festival, a weekend devoted to science fiction, and several world premieres. Frumkes will also present a restored and re-edited version of Burt’s Bikers, a “docu-drama” about kids with Downs Syndrome, which originally aired on NBC TV in 1981. Pat Kaufman, the former Executive Director for New York State’s Governor’s Office for Motion Picture and Television Development, will receive the Local Service Award for her contributions to film production in the state, and Lloyd Kaufman will host the film festival premiere of Attack of the Killer Shrews, a comedic remake of the notorious B film by Niagara Falls filmmaker Ken Cosentino. In addition to screening the best independent features, shorts, webisodes and music videos from around the world, Buffalo Dreams hosts an Original Screenplay competition.

“This year represents tremendous growth for us,” says festival co-founder Greg Lamberson. “Even though we expanded to 10 days, we had to turn away a lot of films we really liked. When we launched four years ago, we were determined to be a filmmaker friendly event that cared about content more than glitz, and one that celebrated all types of independent filmmaking. We specialize in genre films, but the many high quality dramas, comedies and documentaries we’re showing this year would be right at home in a mainstream festival. The number of filmmakers traveling to Buffalo to participate in screenings of their work is higher than ever, providing great networking opportunities for local filmmakers and movie lovers, and we’re showcasing more world premieres as well. The fact that filmmakers from around the world are choosing this festival to premiere their films says a lot about the reputation we’ve developed in a short period of time.”

Admission for a single screening or “block” of films at Buffalo Dreams is $10.00. A Day Pass costs only $20.00, and an All Festival Pass good for all 10 days costs $100.00. The full schedule will be posted next week on www.buffalodreamsfilmfest.com, and advance tickets will go on sale soon after at Dipsontheatres.com. Trailers for the features are posted on the festival’s Facebook page.

Flesh Freaks (2000)


Special guest review from Mike Haushalter of Secret Scroll Digest!

Deep within the jungles of Central America, lost amid the crumbling Mayan ruins, lies an ancient secret so strange, so horrible, that only one civilization would be dumb enough to release it … Ours.
Worm-like parasites infest the dead, returning them to gruesome half- life as rotting, bloodthirsty zombies in this chilling supernatural thriller! Freed from their jungle hell by a secret research expedition, the creatures soon find their way to modern civilization, where they begin their deadly mission to transform the human race into an unstoppable army of the undead. Will they succeed in their gory quest? Will the human race be completely wiped out? Can anyone survive the blood-soaked onslaught of the FLESH FREAKS?

A very interesting sounding storyline and fantastic tagline (see above) are undermined here by several factors. The mediocre cast is too small and not talented enough to pull off the script,l acking the urgency of a trapped in a small space waiting to see who will die next story (Zombie, any Alien clone) or the soul numbing inevitability of the inevitable end of mankind by the zombie masses (Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead). You get at most 5 to 6 zombies at any one time chasing some college kids through a mostly empty building in the middle of an oddly unpopulated-looking town.

Speaking of running around in an empty building what are these people waiting around for? They’re not trapped in the building, they could leave for Christ’s sake. Even when one of our victims escaped being a zombie snack they didn’t leave the building or call for help. Believe me when the dead walk its time to call some one: The government, the X philes, the police, the army, an ambulance for your dead friends, hell–call the pizza guy, at least that will give the zombies someone to chomp besides you. But no, these lemmingish victims just amble about like a mobile zombie buffet.

Another problem with the film is it is slowed down by a plethora of padded travelogue scenes of the local flora and fauna of whatever Central American location the film crew’s vacationed at and boring, narrated scenes of an archaeology dig.

In its favor was the hero: a zombie butt kicking black girl, it’s overall professional look (despite it’s shot on video quality), and the zombies look cool. The movie’s biggest selling point is its very eye-catching box and a plot synopsis that reads like a zombie masterpiece. Unfortunately the tape inside the box doesn’t contain a film that lives up to this packaging.

Trailer Tuesday!

Possession (1981)

Trailer Tuesday!

The Shining (1980)

Trailer Tuesday!

Inferno (1980)

Trailer Tuesday!

Candyman (1992)

Movie Poster Monday!

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)







Movie Review – Grave of the Vampire (1972)


Hey again movie nerds! My latest online viewing and reviewing is for Grave of the Vampire. It has one of my favorite actors of the ’60s and ’70s in it William Smith in it so you know it has to be good. Know what isn’t good? If you ever see me at a convention ask me about my William Smith urinal story… It is very disturbing. Lets get to the review.

This movie opens up with a young couple headed off to a secluded spot for some “alone” time.  They pick a local cemetery, which is really a bad idea.  That very night a vampire rises from his grave and makes supper of the young man.  The young woman he uses to satisfy other urges.  She becomes pregnant and 9 months later gives birth to a boy who has unusual tastes, much like his father.  The movie then jumps to 30 years later when the boy, named James, finally tracks his father down.  The vampire is posing as a college professor and is clueless to James’s identity.  That is until they come head to head as both he and his son want the same woman!  This leads to an séance and a big showdown between father and son.

grave-jumpingBe warned that this is very low budget movie and it shows at times.  The movie was shot quickly and cheaply, which I think leads to the ending feeling a bit rushed and silly.  But that doesn’t bother me at all, because it gives Grave of the Vampire a cool cheesy ‘70s drive-in vibe.  Though there are other issues with the plot and pacing of the movie.  After a surprisingly brutal (for the early ‘70s anyway) opening with the vampire raping the young woman after snapping her boyfriend’s back the movie has a slow part as the James character is introduced and we see what happens to his mother.  There is also this “groovy” party that is a bit tedious.  But once James and his father, Caleb, are on screen together things pickup until we get to the big finale.

william-smith-is-badassAgain I want to warn everyone that the movie is slow at times, but I think worth sticking with.  The performances from both William Smith (in a rare non villain/anti-hero role) as James and the underrated Michael Pataki as Caleb make the movie worth checking out.  Smith has always been a favorite of mine and Pataki is having a blast chewing up the scenery as the villainous Caleb.  When you get to the big finale, which involves a well-staged fight, both these actors really sell it.  You can see that they are throwing themselves around the set.  The effort of both actors helps Grave of the Vampire overcome it’s low budget and rushed shooting schedule, making the movie much better then it should have been.  Oh and I’ll not ruin it but the movie also has a great “drive-in” ending that puts a smile on my face no matter how many times I check it out.


Gotta love this!

Before I finish up I wanted to briefly mention the special effects.  There are some nasty kills, but they happen off camera or are blocked from view.  But they are staged in such a way that it still works, at least it did for me.  The vampire makeup consists of the standard teeth and not much more.  No bats, turning to mist, or children of the night here.  But they don’t sparkle either, so I’m good with it.

Grindploitation is back with Part 2: The Lost Reels on VHS ONLY

One of our fastest selling VHS of the last year was Tony Newton’s compilation anthology “Grindploitation”.  The limited edition sold out within 2 days, so of course excitement would be high for a sequel… and that’s just what SRS Cinema has for you – it’s “Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels”!  The limited edition goes live 7pm EST Fri 10/14/16.
“The Lost Reels”
“Just when you thought you had seen it all Grindsploitation returns with part 2 in the film series with The Lost Reels, Grindsploitation 2 is gory sadistic hell ride into the realm of exploitation, horror and grindhouse cinema be prepared for Zombies, Serial Killers, sleaze, psycho’s and much more as we once again enter the hell that is Grindsploitation featuring faux film trailers, and short films brought to you by Tony Newton and featuring an onslaught of indie film talent from across the globe!
Political correctness can go fuck itself!”
Only 30 of Vol 2 will be made available.  See the movie in the format it was intended for months before you can get it anywhere else!
In addition, at Tony’s request, an unlimited version of Vol 1 will go back up for sale the same day.  This version will have a slight change TBD to the artwork to help separate it from the original release.

Movie Review – Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959)


Okay so here I have another “classic” horror movie you can watch online. So read my review and watch the movie to see if you agree with me!

This is another of those goofy creature features from the ‘50s.  This time around a couple of giant leeches inhabit a swampy area.  We follow several characters as they encounter the leeches and come to a bad end.  This includes a couple old swamp hunters and a cheating woman and her beau.  Eventually our hero, a forest ranger or something of the sort, figures out what is going on.  After swimming around a bit shooting them with a spear gun he eventually grabs some dynamite and blows up the swamp.  The creatures are dead (they float to the surface) and everyone who isn’t dead lives happily ever after.


Of course she is going to cheat on him…

What can I say about Attack of the Giant Leeches?  This was one of the staples of the late night movie programs when I was a kid and I think that it also spent a few years showing in the drive-ins in the Midwest.  And this is about what you would expect from a movie like this.  The story is very simple, so much so that in spite of only being just over an hour long the movie feels slow, which is an impressive feat.  The locations are limited and the plot is very thin.  Getting the characters to the leeches feels very contrived and when the movie isn’t taking place there it is rather boring.  The dialogue is clunky and awkward, which isn’t helped by a cast that shows little interest in delivering them.  Sure this is just a cheesy monster flick, but at least seem a bit scared when the critters are coming for you!

giant-leechesSpeaking of critters the creatures in this one are very silly looking.  It basically looks like a guy in a plastic garbage bag with some suckers glued onto the outside of it.  We hardly see the creatures and when we do most of them are hidden in the water.  I don’t’ know this for sure, but it seems like they didn’t have much to go with creature wise so the get very little screen time.  Sadly this means we get to see the cast talking about things.  As I’ve already mentioned this isn’t’ a good thing.

As I’ve already said this was a movie that I grew up watching.  There is one scene that always kind of scared me when I was younger.  It has the leech’s victims in an underwater cave.  They are still alive and once in a while the leeches show up for a drink (see they feed on blood, in case you didn’t know).  We have the actors in very pale makeup and black face paint under their eyes.  This gives them a hollow look that works really well.  And I have to say that while it doesn’t frighten me anymore this is still an effective bit of filmmaking.  Sadly this seems to be the only idea they had and the rest of the movie can’t sustain what little atmosphere we get here.

Time for me to be honest. I can’t say that this is a good movie but it is one that I enjoy watching. Maybe that is the nostalgia talking or perhaps I’ve seen so many bad movies that I’ve damaged my brain. Either way this one is worth checking out at least once.  This is especially true because you can watch it for free!

Changes coming to the Screamzine Roku Channel

Yeah, it’s been a while since the channel has been updated but just hold on a little longer. We are exploring new options and possibly may be able to become an official channel on Roku. So sit tight.

Children of the Living Dead (2001)


Special guest review from Mike Haushalter of Secret Scroll Digest!

The plague of the “Living Dead” continues in this direct to video release. When Matthew Michaels arrives in a rural town to develop a small piece of land, an old cemetery is disturbed in the process and the zombies buried there are awakened and begin to walk the earth once again. Zombie mayhem fun from the executive producer of A Nightmare on Elm Street. (That’s a good thing right?)

I’ll be the first to admit that Children of the Living Dead is lacking on almost every level, the dialogue is an atrocious, the characters are mostly unlikable idiots and the story has plot holes you could fly the Death Star through. Despite these faults I kind of liked this logic challenged zombie time waster. In its defense, it’s a low rent Zombie flick not Shakespeare (okay so it’s not even an Estevez script) and it certainly was up to my expectations, not that I had any as everyone had told me that the film sucks. In its favor, it moves quickly and legions of zombies are trashed (some more than once). The best scenes are in the opening during Tom Savini’s solo vanity zombie kill spree, complete with double gun action, cowboy shooting action and even a few kung fu moves. If only the whole film had maintained this gleeful level of zombie carnage I could glaze over its many shortcomings. The action does pick up again a bit for the climatic showdown but never reaches the level of its high-octane opening.

Production wise the film is a bit below average, it’s shot okay but it’s very poorly dubbed and has so many continuity goofs I lost count. Over all a good rental pick for you zombie hounds out there.

Trailer Tuesday!

Happy Hour Holocaust (2015)

Trailer Tuesday!

The Haunted House on Sorority Row (2014)

Trailer Tuesday!

Chopping Mall (1986)

Movie Poster Monday!

Night of the Lepus (1972)


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Movie Review – Lunch Meat (1987)


Hey nerds I have a new twist on my movie reviews.  I thought that instead of reviewing a movie and then linking the trailer above I’d switch things up.  See I’m going to review some movies that you can watch online for free and link to them instead of the trailer.  That way you can watch them after the review and let me know if you think I’m full of crap or not!  How is that for fun?  Lets get started with my review for Lunch Meat.

The story here is very simple and straightforward with a group of crazy cannibal hillbillies ambushing some city folk.  The city folk consist of a truckload of teenagers (I think they are supposed to be teens) that are off to party or something.  They have the misfortune of being ambushed by a family of cannibal rednecks that want to turn them into supper!  You basically have Pa, a sort of giant behemoth of a son that is kind of retarded, and two other brothers that serve as comic relief.  After the ambush the survivors take off into the woods with the family in hot pursuit.  But instead of just letting themselves be killed they start to fight back and give the hunters all they can handle.

Lunch Meat is one of those movies that I kept meaning to rent back in the day.  The cover to the VHS is one that I remember looking at again and again.  It is sort of funny that it was more than 30 years later before I actually sat down to watch it.  I have to say that I was kind of impressed with the movie. It starts off kind of slow and really doesn’t work for me when we it tries to introduce the teenagers and give them some back-story.  But every time the hillbilly family is on screen the movie picks up.  The movie really works best during the extended chase sequence that dominates the last half of the runtime.  You have the characters in constant motion, all the kills happen during the chase, and there are some decent one-liners that had me laughing a bit.

lunchmeat-1987What really surprised me was how well Lunch Meat was made.  The picture and sound are decent for a movie made on the cheap like Lunch Meat was.  There are a couple scenes where the wind noise was whipping across the microphone, which really annoys me.  But for the most part the movie is very solidly made.  There area few too many POV shots early on, but after a while the filmmakers get away from that.  The gore is plentiful and the kills are quite sticky.  But the execution of the effects stuff isn’t great.  Though for me the quantity and glee that the severed arms and kills are executed make up for any lack in skill.

Stacked up against most of the other low budget movies that I’ve seen from the direct to video era of the 1980s Lunch Meat is one of the better ones.  Now this isn’t the kind of movie that I will watch again and again.  But it does a decent enough job that I can recommend it as an oddity to watch on an off night when you want to kill 90 or so minutes.  The biggest problem that I have with Lunch Meat is the lack of a DVD release.  This leaves most of us searching for a VHS copy, which can fetch a pretty penny.  I can’t imagine spending 20 or 30 bucks for the VHS of the movie.  But if you can find it cheap I do recommend it.